• The AdSoftware ADS ad management solution combines the next generation of integrated dimensional data warehouse with complex industry data delivering the most flexible and comprehensive reporting and analytical solution available.
  • The ADS on-demand solution provides seamless access to ad-hoc reporting and application data based on the industry recognized ADS Strategic Data Warehouse. By integrating weblog delivery data with targeted contract detail ADS produces sales, operations and finance reports no possible until now.
  • Ad Server Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of software applications which are used for managing rich media ad delivery, inventory, geographical targeting, revenue generation, live statistics and real time reporting. 



    • Advertisements in Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 are objects that make programs available to clients. You must advertise a program before clients can run the program. Programs can be advertised to systems, user accounts, and user groups. This article describes how SMS 2003 uses advertisements and status messages.
    • Before you can distribute a program to SMS 2003 clients, you must create a software distribution package and a program, and then you must advertise the program to the SMS 2003 clients


  • The program to run on the client.
  • The target collection of systems, users, or user groups that will receive the program.
  • The schedule that specifies when the program is available to the collection.
  • You can use SMS 2003 Windows User Account Discovery or Active Directory User Discovery to locate user accounts.





    The AdSoftware team would like to thank everyone for making the ADS launch a massive success. We have received unprecedented levels of interest and will be making additional announcements in the coming months.


    Advertisement Manager is a commercial banner ad management software designed for webmasters who need fast, reliable, flexible, easy-to-use and full-featured ad serving and management front-end.


Ad Management And Banner Serving Software 

    Ad Server Solutions provides software and remotely hosted applications. Using our software will help Lower Costs, Increase Efficiency and Maximize Revenue. (We beat ALL Competitors pricing)!

*Ad Management Software 
*Ad Network Software
*Affiliate Software
*Affiliate Network Software
*Banner Exchange Software 

Providing sophisticated tracking solutions that help you convert ad space inventory into customers while saving you money on unproductive marketing during the process. Offering the latest technology, high end scalability and easy to use web interfaces. Best of all, our software will work on any operating system and database on the market.


    • Forum Advertising Software is the business software solution for today's rapidly changing Media Sales market. The Forum Ad booking system is at the cutting edge of today's advertising systems. It allows booking of traditional print advertising alongside new media and online booking all controlled from one central location. The Advert booking system includes all of the expected functionality in addition to many unique features.
    • The Forum Software solution provides capabilities which have been designed from the ground up as a sales order systems for Exhibitions, Events, Distribution ads (email/newsletters), Web Ads and loose inserts as well as the traditional print booking system.






    Forum is the media sales solution for leading Newspaper publishers in the UK such as The Independent, Express Newspapers as well as niche publishers such as Times Supplements Limited (TES). The Advert booking system also provides solutions to leading magazines such as OK magazine and The British Medical Journal. The Advert booking system also provides solutions to some of the leading Newspaper and Magazine publishers in South Africa and Ireland.